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White Noies Machine With 36 Sounds



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  • [ 36 High-Fidelity Sounds] Including 18 natural sounds: forest, ocean, stream, summer, thunder sounds, music box, the waves of the sea rock, bonfire, train, pendulum, wind, rain, river, drip, heartbeat, shush, fetal tone, lullaby. 7 different fan sound and 7 different levels of white noise. The wide range of volume adjustment, Customize the comfortable volume you need Precise volume control allows you to set the perfect level for your unique environment.
  • [ Baby, Work, Rest, Travel? ] High-Fidelity fetal noise allows the baby to return to the maternal environment, to give him a secure sleep. Want private conversations and meetings to remain private? Want to work uninterrupted? Want a comfortable sleep experience? Want to soothe a restless pet? Use it and enjoy a relaxed and quiet private space.
  • [ Need Uninterrupted Nights? ] Comfortable button: the button area is simple, all the keys are silent and high-quality fluorescent keys. Easy to operate without harsh light at night. Press the sound button to switch one sound at a time, each sound button has 7 sounds.


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Customer Reviews

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Bhatta's Reviews
High fidelity Sound samples!

I am impressed by the build quality which is rather very good. The sound samples are of high fidelity and it does not feel that it is repeating too soon. It is loud enough to cover an entire room or you can use the built-in headphone jack for private listening. It comes with a USB cable and it includes a 5V 1A power adapter. You can also run it using your USB port of your PC for private listening. The speaker has good depth & full range frequencies output. Sounds really good!There are various sound samples and there are three categories each having multiple samples to choose from. There is also a timer option with small light to indicate 30,60,90 mins. The unit also can be configured for 'non-stop' operation. The unit remembers your last choice settings (Including volume) and selection of white noise in any of the three categories and will power right up with press of a button!Overall I am impressed! - Five stars!

Ron Housley
serious White Noise generator

I can’t believe they’re selling it for only $27.99!I have used heavy duty white noise generators in our patient treatment areas, as an extra measure to assure privacy in conversation among various healthcare professionals. We employed a “deep throated” sound from a box that was almost sub-woofer in feel. This little Likii product would stand up against these big boys in sound volume and fullness.The little 14 ounce Likii product is a fraction of the size with at least equal the output; plus so many additional output options. (And it’s also a fraction of the price.)As I understand it, “white noise” falls within a certain somewhat narrow frequency; outside this frequency are other similar noises, including “pink noise” and “brown noise.”The “brown noise” is the lower frequency and seems to align best with cancelling outside noises at the time of sleep; whereas, “pink noise” may be best to use when reading or concentrating, since there is less likelihood of triggering sleep. This little unit has approximations of all these varieties!You can set it to play continuously; or you can set it to turn itself off in either 30, 60 or 90 minutes.No battery option; and power is via USB adapter to the input plug.I loved it at first sound. How could you go wrong for $27.99, if you’re looking for a white noise generator.

A lot of value for the money

I have a really hard time turning off my brain and my husband snores...meaning I can be sleep deprived a lot of the time. This is a great solution. It has soothing sounds that help to calm my brain and it distracts/hides my husbands snoring. A good quality machine for this price point

Holly Lee
Fantastic sound

I love the timer function on this. It is affordable and has a lot of different sounds and settings that can be used.

Hunting Creek
Great sound machine

I love this white noise machine. The price is right and it works well. Easy to use. It has a timer for 30, 60, or 90 minutes or you can just turn it on and let it play continuously. I like background noise at night to cover my husband's sleeping sounds. This does the trick. It's small enough to travel with too.



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