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Oral Thermometer - Green

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Oral Thermometer - Green:-

  • Voice Prompt: When turning on and off the fever thermometer and measuring the temperature, there are sound prompts to remind the user of the status of the thermometers.
  • Simple Operation: One key switch. Just press the key to quickly read the Fahrenheit or Celsius display. Intelligent digital memory function, turn on, and display the last temperature measured in two seconds.
  • Portable and Clean: The thermometer has a transparent case. It is convenient for the arrangement and carrying of the thermometer. In addition, the case can keep the thermometer in a clean state, which is a health guarantee for users.
  • Wide Range of Use: This thermometer can be used in the rectum, armpit, and oral cavity. Three measuring methods can meet the different needs of users. Great thermometer for baby, kids, child, adults.
  • Mode switching: Our default is Fahrenheit mode, and the steps are power on, measurement and shutdown. If you need to switch to the Centigrade mode, you need to press and hold for four seconds, and the thermometer will turn off automatically after the indicator of centigrade is displayed on the screen. When you turn it on again, it's already in Fahrenheit mode.

Customer Reviews

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A good thermometer
It’s good
Good product.
Extremely easy to use it, and quite accurate.
Useful and Convenient
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