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Digital Body Thermometer - Green

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  • Highly Convenient: Fast & Accurate Measure. The clear lit display offers a convenient and high-definition reading even in darkness. You can take temperature under the tongue, under the armpits, or in the rectum to get a reading in 1 minute.
  • C/F Switchable: Temperature reading shows in the Fahrenheit and Celsius. Press and hold the On/Off button for 4 seconds to switch. LCD screen with units is convenient to read.
  • Beep to Prompt: Once the thermometer reaches the highest temperature within its operation range, its screen will flash and beep to remind you to check the result.
  • Sturdy and Reliable: The LCD monitor is in high definition so it displays results clearly. The unit features sturdy materials that offer lasting service. The soft probe is friendly for sensitive baby skin, safe for your babies, kids, and pets.
  • Easy to Clean: Easy to clean, wipe with water or medicinal alcohol after or before each use. Store this oral thermometer in the hard case that comes with the fever thermometer

Customer Reviews

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Great product!
Good accurate thermometer
Cute and compact and works great!
Must have digital thermometer
Digital Thermometer
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