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Hands-Free Diaper Pail - White

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  • Totally Hands-Free: Step, Drop, Done! No Bending, No Twisting, No Squishing, Unlike Ordinary Pails!
  • Most Cost-Effective Diaper Pail Refill System on the Market. Dekor Refill System Creates Less Waste - Use ONLY What You Need!
  • Effective Triple Odor Control Keeps the Smell in the Pail. Each Dekor Classic diaper pail refill holds up to 495 newborn diapers
  • Award-Winning Product Tested by Millions of Parents
  • Closed-Cell ABS Plastic Works Like Metal but Won't Rust
  • Use Only Genuine Dekor Refills with Exclusive End-of-Liner Marking
  • Comes Completely Assembled with One Full-Sized (not a starter!) Refill Pre-Installed!
  • Life After Diapers: Converts from Diaper Pail to Trash Can

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Customer Reviews

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Didn't know the bags were scented, it's gross, but the design of the pail is nice

Bigger than I was expecting and I like the design. I didn't know the liner was scented so I have to find some that aren't because I hate fake smells. I thought maybe the whole thing had been sprayed so I washed the outside and wiped it down with a lavender essential oil but I could still smell that gross powder smell. So if I can smell that inside the trash I am sure I will smell the diapers. The design is nice, when it's full you pull the bag out and it has a cutter on the door and then you tie off the end of the bag instead of changing it like a regular trash. I looked into a lot of diaper pails from 30-80 dollar range and they all have pretty much the same pros and cons so I figured I'd go with the cheaper option that is still a good design. What is even the point of scented bags? Nothing will make the odor of a diaper smell better and when you put fake smells in the mix it's usually much worse. That's my fault because I didn't read the part where it stated they were scented. It's not totally hands free because while it has a foot pedal to open the lid, there is a little knob that you turn to unlock the hatch and then you shove the diaper in that way. You can leave the knob in unlock position, but I think it may be a bit more air tight if you leave it locked between uses. It's not a big deal though. Overall I like it.Edit:Still want unscented bags but this definitely keeps the smells in. When you live in a small apartment and you can leave for the day and come back and not smell poop then it's working. Holds A LOT

Gram Cookie

It took me several days to hit the purchase button given the price. I read and reread the reviews. Bite the bullet old girl I told myself. I'm the Great Grandma with 3 little ones all in diapers. Smells offend my old nose and I just could't take any more of it. Took a deep breath and hit send to purchase. I haven't looked back!!!! This is a great product, easy to use, a little more expensive than others however it out performs ANY OTHER diaper pail I have had in the 3 generations of babies. You can, if you don't mind the extra steps, use plastic trash bags in this. The continuous ring of bagging material that is sold for this pail makes it very convenient. It does however, increase the cost of use. I did appreciate the convenience of the self bagging. You just do what you've got to do with what you've got to spend.

It was tough picking a trash can for the diapers and this one turned out to be an excellent choice!

We were really back and forth about what to put in our baby's room. We don't have a lot of space and all of the reviews for different brands seemed positive with caveats. We wound up with this because we liked the look more than the Simple Human trash can which we also purchased (and returned) as an option. We're really happy with this. It has a small footprint and the height is nice because we don't have to bend over too much to use it. Yes, you do smell dirty diapers when you open the inner flap to toss another one in. I would assume that's the case with absolutely any trash can--it happens even with our kitchen trash because smell is smell! Our newborn seems to go through about 20 diapers a day. We change the trash maybe every two days, so that gives you an indication of about how many diapers fit into one bag. The tie off is simple and my husband manages to change the bag out pretty quickly. I also like the large foot pedal. The Diaper Dekor is lightweight. I definitely like this and would purchase it again!

Tobias Radke
Best feature is the bag replacement system

These work great. We got 2, one for the nursery, one for downstairs. Keeps the smell in pretty good (not perfectly, but good enough), easy to use, looks good.Best feature is the bag replacement system - allows you to change bags at any time.

Haley L.
Diaper Pail vs. Diaper Genie

I like this a lot. It holds the scent in pretty good, but not sure it holds it in quite as much as the diaper genie, though it comes in close 2nds. It’s easier to put diapers in this compared to the diaper genie. Think about sliding a dirty diaper through an easy sliding door (you pretty much drop it in) compared to cramming it down a hole. � diapers tend to mush going in the diaper genie. My favorite feature is the foot lever for hands-free use. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase.(If you buy this, make sure to buy Dekor name brand refills. The off brand sucks and are not that much cheaper!! I used one refill, and every time I changed the pail, I would clean and deodorize it really good. It would stink with the very first diaper. I changed it every day and I could smell it a couple feet away.)



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