Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale


Bluetooth Digital Baby Scale

  • EXCLUSIVE BLUETOOTH BABY FIT APP INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: Our Bluetooth enabled baby scale comes included with our custom-designed mobile app that can track your baby or pets weight, height, and growth pattern. Instantly connect your phone to the digital baby scale without needing to install any additional plug-ins.
  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR KID'S GROWTH: Conveniently record weight data with our Baby Fit app each time you weigh your child with our infant scale. Easily monitor if your child is maintaining a healthy weight with our automatic calculation using WHO Child Weight Growth Standards. The App will automatically warn you if your child is above or below standards.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR BABY IS PROPERLY FED with this high-accuracy baby weight scale that weighs your newborn baby, toddler, puppy, or kitten and provides you with clear, stable readings in pounds, ounces, or kilogram with a precision of 10 grams and a wide measurement range of 0.1 pounds to 220 pounds. (or 50 g to 100 kg)
  • EASILY READ YOUR BABY'S WEIGHT: The large, bright, backlit LCD screen of this accurate breastfeeding baby scale facilitates reading the distinct weight measurements of your kid or pet at a distance, even in the dark.
  • SAFELY WEIGH YOUR KID: The 2 swivel locks on the bottom of the baby tray keep it firmly put on the scale, preventing accidents. When your child grows up, remove the tray and use it as a regular scale


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alfonso and Aimee pantoja
Great product exactly as advertised

Amazing product, we love it so much really helps track our little ones weight gain every month. It’s came very fast and it’s very acuate

Perfect to Monitor Weight while Breastfeeding

Exclusively breastfeeding so needed a way to make sure baby was staying track weight wise. This works great.

Andrea B.
Piece of Mind

I bought this for daughter who has a new baby girl. With nursing and weight gain concerns this has been solid piece of mind for her. She took the baby to the doctor for a weight check and then came home and weighed my granddaughter and it was the same which made her feel very confident using this product. It is very easy to use and set up. Every nursery should have this scale. My daughter even laughed and said she could even use it to weigh herself!

This pet scale is amazing for my border collie at home!

I got this Bluetooth baby scale as a gift during a baby shower for my daughter Ashley and I am very pleased with this product after using it for 3 weeks. My delivery date was on May 18th, 2020 and Ashley is now 6 weeks old. In the beginning, I was busy with changing diapers and haven’t opened the box. However, now that I had the time to use it, this product is great for any new mom who wants to track healthy weight gain for newborns and daughters! Accuracy: It is very important to me as a parent that my child gets the right nutrition in the first few months after birth. This product is such an important tool for me to use as it is accurate and reliable. I like having the two halves that I can disassemble if I need to save space and simply snap it together when I need to weigh Ashley. Reliability: The battery on this product seems to last a long time. We have put in the included batteries and so far we have no problems with battery life. Durability: This product is very durable, the ABS plastic is able to withstand accidental drops and as a parent this is very important. Especially with having a newborn in the home, products can easily be accidentally tipped over or damaged and having some durability is important for peace in mind. Bluetooth Feature and Baby Fit App: This was the first time I saw a scale had a Bluetooth enabled feature on the market as all the other scales I have at home are traditional non-bluetooth versions. I found out I can connect my iphone to the scale via Bluetooth, and there’s also a BabyFit app on the App Store that I downloaded. This app was super easy to use and setup as all I needed to do was input some basic information about my baby and then log the information at each weighing. I really thing this is a useful feature for every parent and with cloud backup, this is a huge help for busy new parents! Overall, this is a great product and a recommended buy.

Gaurav Aryal
Smart digital baby scale :) loved it

I like this digital baby scale. It will help to track baby weight and height. You can connect to your cellphone through bluetooth and store all data. Amazing product.



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