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Baby Food Heater/Bottle Warmer


Baby Food Heater/Bottle Warmer:-

  • Electric Steam Warming System - Gently and evenly heats breast milk, formula milk, and infant complementary foods in minutes.
  • Warm baby food jars with a basket (Included).
  • Universally Compatible - works with all kinds of baby bottles and food jars, thanks to the system using steam which needs very little water to operate.
  • Turn off automatically after each heating cycle. Safe, Fast, Efficient - time saving, and effective. BPA Free.
  • Easy to use, comes with a basket for jars, an adapter ring, and a measuring cup.

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use, compact and quick!

After ruining our microwave by heating a bowl of water to warm a bottle at each feeding, I decided to try this bottle warmer. It is great! Super easy to use, compact and quick! Should have purchased this months ago!

Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer

A nice baby bottle warmer that also saves on counter space. My daughter purchased this unit to be kept at my home when taking care of my grandson. The unit was easy to use once I read the instructions on how much water is needed to warm up my grandsons bottles (using the included small measuring receptacle). The bottle heated up nicely without overheating the formula. Very happy with this unit!Update 10/30/19: I still use this unit to warm up my grandsons bottles. A few months ago I started using the unit to warm up his baby food in glass baby food jars I saved for this purpose. Just put the jar (with no lid of course) in the basket that was included with this unit, read the instructions again to see how much water is needed to warm up the baby food in jars and turned on the unit. Once it’s done steaming to warm up the baby food I lift out the basket to cool the glass jar and then I stir the baby food in the jar to distribute the heat. While still cooling in the jar I get my grandson ready for his feeding, then transfer the baby food to his dish and done! I do clean inside the unit with an old bottle brush to avoid mineral buildup on a weekly basis, I let it air dry or use a paper towel to dry the inside and put it away until his next visit. As long as you read the instructions to use and care for this warming unit it will work great and last a long time. I’m still happy with this warming unit.

Great product

Absolutely a must have! Heats the bottle up in a few minutes. Small enough to always leave on the counter. I would definitely recommend

A must have

Amazing produit, quick warm milk always at the right temperature and easy to use! Lot of time saved that could be use to change dipper while milk is warmed!

Must have .

After being skeptical about purchasing I must say I’m glad I did .Going from standing in front of the stove Waiting for the bottle to heat to this bottle warmer was a huge upgrade .It warms the bottle up quick , comes with instructions . Easy to clean . Definitely recommend.



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