1080P WiFi Baby Monitor with Camera


Baby Monitor:-

  • FHD 1080P & CRSTAL Night Vision-1920*1080P FHD resolution, 6G lens,& 9 infrared LED lights, perfect images quality & night vision.
  • Motion Detection & Real-Time Alert-Track movements in real-time and send an alert message to your phone protect your home day and night
  • Free PTZ & Wide Angle-355pan/100tilt/100broad provide a complete 360 viewing angle. you will never miss any corner
  • Fluent 2 Way Audio No Noise-Remotely talk and listen to your family Wherever you are, enjoy those important moments.
  • Baby monitor in WIFI-It can be used as a normal baby monitor to watch your baby's activity and safety.

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1080P WiFi Monitor -Wireless

1080P WiFi Monitor -Wireless

Baby Monitor


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Customer Reviews

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Roxanne Couturier
Make sure WIFI and phone are connected to 2.4G because camera doesn't support 5G

I bought this camera, at the request of my sister-in-law to use as a monitor for her son’s room. When she first tried to install the camera it took a long time because it wouldn’t connect to her WIFI. She was able to figure out that her WIFI password was too long. She changed it to a shorter one with limited special characters and the set-up worked, following the instructions, without any problems. First, make sure you install the “YI IOT APP’’ because you need the camera to scan the QR CODE on your phone to enable you to enter your WIFI Key (password) to start the set-up. Also make sure your WIFI and phone are connected to 2.4G because the camera does not support 5G as it states in the instructions. After she scanned the QR code everything was connected. The camera will say “WIFI is connected” to let you know you can start using the camera. Set up the camera settings to your preference for receiving notifications. Since she was using this for her baby, she had it set up for motion and crying detection. She likes the way the camera notifies her via the camera app whenever the baby moves or cries. She also moves the camera to their family room because she loves to see her kids on her phone when she is at the gym (of course her husband is watching them). She can talk to them and she is so amazed that she can turn the camera 360 degrees using her phone even though she is far away LOL. They can hear her clearly through the speaker with no delays and she can also hear them replying back to her without delays. She said just make sure your phone volume is on high. She can also see them clearly in HD color on her phone via the camera. Even if the lighting is low at night she can still see them clearly but in shades of grey…AWSOME. For these reasons and based on value for the price my sister-in-law is giving this a 5 star rating.

Jenny Myers
Clean look, good picture

I bought this camera as a monitor for my son’s playroom. Easy setup, good picture quality that can be setup on multiple devices and easy to move from room to room without reinstalling anything. I like this because it looks modern. I’ll be using this to watch my cats with the motion detector as well when we are away!

Garden lover
Motion detection and tracking

I got this camera for my Mom to replace Samsung I bought from COSTCO last year that I have problem that I have to reboot after 8 to 10 days used (it hang no responded). I love this camera the flowing reason. I have been testing this camera about a week now.So far so good and hope it keep working as current working now.1. The price was cheaper compare with others that has same or simular features2. Piture quality very good even at 720P, I didn't used 1080p because my internet slow so when I remote view from pohne it kinds of slow respond.3. I love motion tracking feature (camera flow object when motion deteced), with the camera under $40.00) has this option (feature)4. The Intercom spkeaker louder than Samsang and clear. My mon can hear clear when remote talking compare to Samsung she can't heear the most of words5. packing not too bad. Box has product info printed & manual booklet included. I use to buy Chinse product I don't see any printed production info on the box.

Denise Dugan
Quality night vision infrared camera I used recording paranormal activity

I decided to buy this because it has night vison infrared light & automatically comes on when dark.This was biggest selling point for me along with that it covers entire room both vertical & horizontal angles.Likes ~1920 x 1080 FHD resolution with night vision & infrared lights. This is best I've seen for security camera to record paranormal activity. Camcorders have full spectrum infrared night vision but this allows me to set up in room. It has a 6 G lens with 9 infrared lights - just what I need. Not for a baby but for recording ghosts !360 degree viewing angle with 150 degree horizontal & 355 degree horizontal lets me put in one central spot.I don't need to stand there with a camcorder recording for hours. Whatever it records it sends me an alert.I have a wide variety of paranormal activity that has been here for years along with rest of neighborhood.Homes were built on "unbuildable land" which as a result many have had issues with flooding & we all face issues with WiFI signal reception which affects TV, computer & phone.Display is very clear during day with color. At night it's very clear but like anything appears black & white.What is good is that it automatically comes on at night so I don't need to go into room. My home tends to be dark because there are a lot of large oak trees not to mention paranormal activity surrounding home.2 way audio is a good feature so I can hear any strange noises. This lets me know if there's changes going on.I've heard sounds of rifles & cannons in one bedroom, another one has sounds of woman which sounded like she was trying to reach someone "Hello, Frankie" ? When I came into room she got mad "Get out of my room !"There appears to be a boy which I found out died at age 7 named Matthew appearing in other bedroom on wall.Since this home is under my great aunt & she doesn't believe in paranormal this serves as proof in case anything should happen while living here.I can buy more of these & place 1 in each of bedrooms so I can know what's going on. (I sleep in living room).There is far too much activity I've seen in all 3 bedrooms & a lot less in living area.Use with iOS or Androids which is great if switching phones. Cloud service available.64GB SD card used with this which is good for storage & is a small monitor which can go in a lot of places.Instructions come in English, Italian, French, Dutch & Spanish. App instructions are in instructions with barcode & http link. Illustrations are good. Customer service email is also at back part of instructions.Dislikes/suggestions ~It says it comes with warranty; however, does not say how long a warranty ?Instructions are in small print. Would be better if larger print for those that have issues reading.128 GB capacity storage would be even better for storage. Given size of it probably couldn't be though.

Amazing picture quality! Easy set up

Me and my husband love this product its easy to set up and you download the app to your phone and its great quality it spins around you can move it around from your phone me and my husband where able to download the app to watch our dog you can put the picture in SD or HD its got so many options and features it more then just a camera it does so much we are so happy we got this !



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